How to Resolve Printer Not Activated Error Code -30 Windows 10?

Have you lately been experiencing printer not activated related errors? There is nothing to freak out. As there are ample number of ways to resolve printer not activated error code -30 windows 10When you try to attach a crucial file to an email body but fail due to an error Printer not Activated Error Code 30. This not only disrupts the process of saving the file as a PDF but also creates trouble while working with other programs like Adobe. This is such a nagging issue, that brings some troubling factors while working. In that case, apart from trying fixes by yourself to fix the glitch, you would be better to seek reliable technical support.

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All these error are related and acquires same solutions to fix. printer not activated error code 30 windows 7 boosts under friendly environments. Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 10 are more likely to be affected by this error.

What Causes The Printer Not Activated Error Code 30?

This error code appears due to many reasons. Compatibility is the main reason for this error. Maybe when you are attaching an important file to your on-writing e-mail, you face this error. Else you probably want to save your file as a PDF on Adobe or any other program. This can generate the error as well. The main causing factor behind this issue is the incomplete application that makes the printer not activated error code -30 to pop up. Another reason could be due to insufficient administrator privileges to the user account. It is important for you to give complete access to your account to the program. In order to do that, you can create a shortcut of the respective program on the desktop screen. It will allow you to access the icon of the specified application and check for its properties.

Printer Not Activated Error Code -30

  • Printer not activated error code -30 PDF – This error message can sometimes appear while trying to print PDF files. If this happens, perhaps you can fix the issue by using Print to PDF feature.
  • Printer not activated error code 30 HP, Epson – This error can affect any printer brand, and if the issue appears, the cause is most likely an outdated printer driver.
  • Printer not activated error code 30 Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – This error message can appear on almost any version of Windows, but you should be able to fix it by using one of our solutions.

Efficacious Solutions to Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code -30 Windows 10:

There are a number of ways to fix printer not activated error code 30 pdf. It does not matter in which device you are getting this error. Whether it is Brother, Epson, HP or any other printer, you can deal with the error easily. The simple solutions will help you out in the frustrating situation. Else you can contact Printer Customer Care Support to get more reliable information.

Solution 1: Accessing full Control to the Program

If you don’t give your account the Full control to run the program with administrator privileges, it could probably cause the Printer not activated error. Go with the following steps, to give your account the full control to the program:

You need to give full control to run the program with Administrative Privileges.

  • First of all you need to create a shortcut of the file and then open its Properties.
  • Now navigate to your program location and choose its Properties.
  • Next you need to click on Account to choose Security Pane.
  • Edit it and select your account again.
  • Click on Full Control box and thus click on Apply.
  • Finally click on OK to save the changes

Solution 2: Resetting of your Printer

  • First of all, you need to detach all the power cables from the rear side of the printer as well as from the wall outlet. Make sure the printer is “On” during that time.
  • You need to detach all the other cables along with USBs from the printer.
  • Now press and hold the printer’s power button for a good 15 seconds.
  • Make sure the printer is properly connected with the wall outlet not to the surge protector.
  • Now connect the power cables again to resume your printing process. Make sure that the printer is turned on by itself after attaching the cables.

Solution 3: Manual Resetting of the Internet Explorer Browser

  • The first and foremost thing, you need to do is to press the Windows Key and the R button simultaneously.
  • Next type “inetcpl.cpl” command in the Run window followed by pressing the Ok button. This will help you to access the Internet Explorer properties.
  • Now navigate to the “Advanced” menu to select Reset option. Thus you can reset the internet explorer.
  • Now try to browse using Internet Explorer.
  • For Chrome users, click on the “More” icon at the extreme top right corner. And then click on “Settings”.
  • Next select “Show Advanced Setting” option from the menu and tap on “Reset Settings” option.
  • In the newly opened window, click on Reset mode option.

Solution 4: Select your printer manually

According to users, Printer not activated, error code -30 appears when trying to use a quick print option to print documents. Sometimes your applications might try to use Print to PDF feature automatically, and that can cause the error message to appear. To fix this problem, it’s advised to always manually select the printer that you want to use when printing.This is just a workaround, but it should help you out with this problem until you find a permanent solution.

Solution 5: Use Print to PDF feature

  1. Open the document you want to print to a PDF file.
  2. Find and open the Print dialog box in the application (may vary depending on the app used).
  3. Usually go to File and select Print.
  4. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF in the Select Printer section.
  5. Click Print or OK.

When attempting to use Print to PDF, if this issue arises, the problem may be a third-party solution. There was no native Print to PDF support for previous versions of Windows and this is the key reason why users have had to use all kinds of third-party solutions. Finally, there is a built-in Print to PDF feature in Windows 10, so there is no need to use third-party applications.

Solution 6: Change the application’s security permissions

  1. Locate the application that is giving you this error message. Right-click it and choose Properties.
  2. Go to the Security tab. Select your user account from the list and click Edit.
  3. Select your user account and check the Full control option in the Allow column. Click Apply and OK.

After doing that, you’ll have full control over the application and the problem with your printer should be resolved.

Solution 7: Updating of your printer driver

We recommend that you visit the brand’s official website and check for the section that allows you to download the new and oldest drivers. Pick it up on your machine and install it if you come across the newest driver.

There are two ways to update your printer driver.

  • Manual Update of the Printer Driver
    • Navigate to Printer’s manufacturer’s site and search for the latest printer driver.
    • Choose the driver from there that is compatible to your system.
    • Download and install it properly to update your printer driver.
  • Automatic Update of Printer Driver
    • First of all, you need to download and install Driver Easy.
    • Run the software and thus click on the scan button.
    • Now click on Update option. The software will automatically update the most recent driver as per compatibility.
    • You can also click on Update All to automatically update all drivers that are missing.

Solution 8: Make sure that your printer is set as default

  1. Press  Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.
  2. Go to the Devices section.
  3. Select Printers & scanners.
  4. Choose your printer and click the Manage button.
  5. Click Set as default button.

Solution 9: Updating of Windows System

If there’re any available updates for your Windows system, please install the updates. Because keeping your Windows updated can make your computer run stable and safe. And also keep your Windows away from some unexpected error like the Printer not activated you encounter now.

  • In the Start button, type Update.
  • Now look for Updates in the results.
  • After you find it, click on Check for Updates.
  • Windows will automatically search and install available updates.
  • Reboot your Windows 10 to save the changes.

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