How to Fix HP Printer Error 49?

HP Printer error 49 on HP Laser Jet printer are communication error codes. They can be hard to troubleshoot sometimes, But these errors can be a just temporary error that gets clear with a reboot or more permanent errors that require a hardware replacement. HP printer 49 service error is a situation where the printer cannot process a file that has been sent. It is another most temporary error that affects your HP Printer. You can try some general solutions to fix this error. Resolving network and connectivity related issues, clearing pending printing jobs and reboot will help you to make this error disappear. 49 service errors on HP LaserJet pro 400 m401dn is the most common error that you can face.

hp printer error 49

HP’s printer service manual says the HP printer service error 49 can be caused by a bad command, corrupt data, invalid operations, firmware, formatter, or possibly by accessories like an EIO card or memory. Some reports even say extra trays, duplexers, envelope feeders, etc., under certain circumstances, can cause this error.

What is HP Printer error 49 on HP LaserJet printer and how do I fix it?

The 49 service error hp printer is normally caused by a communications failure between your PC and the printer. The problems that cause this error include:

  • unplug the printer from the network. Computer,
  • clear any pending jobs from the print queue (on the machine) and reboot the printer.
  • You can reconnect the network/computer cable and try printing again.
  • Invalid print commands
  • Damaged data transfer
  • Invalid operations
  • Registry errors

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot HP Printer 49 Service error:

When you get this error, you need to check you system thoroughly. There is ample number of possibilities behind this error. Due to some general reasons, this error can appear on the display screen temporarily.  You should not freak out when you have this error. Try out the discussed solutions to deal with this error effectively. You can also choose to connect with HP Printer Technical Support for immediate help. HP Laser Jet 49 Error Troubleshooting has been discussed in the blog with step by step solutions.

Let’s look into some of the causes that cause error 49 :

A mismatch or corrupt driver can cause 49 errors. A faulty JetDirect network card can also trigger a 49 error code, a failing in formatting sometimes cause 49 errors. If the error appears while printing, determine whether it occurs when printing from a specific computer, a particular application, or an actual file.

Solution 1: Press the “Cancel Job” to clear the memory

  • Per suggested by the printer technicians from HP, we strongly recommend you to hit the “Cancel Job” button on the printer. This will help the printer to clean off the memory of printing it has.
  • Now turn OFF the power of your printer, wait for some time and then again turn it ON to check whether the printer display is still showing the hp service error 49 or not. If this process didn’t work, move to Step 2.

Solution 2: Deletion of Pending Printing Jobs

If there are any pending printing jobs in the queue, delete it early. Clear the printing queue to fix this error. To do so:

  • You need to click on Printer icon and thus open the Printer Device.
  • Click on Print Queue to open up a list.
  • Delete all the print jobs that are being held on the Queue.

Solution 3: Disabling of Advanced Printing Features

  • First thing you need to do is to click on the Windows Logo Printers
  • Next you need to select the Printer Queue followed by choosing the printer preferences.
  • Choose Advanced Option followed by selecting Advance Printing Features.
  • Now disable to terminate this error

Solution 4: Remove the DIMMs from the printer

  • Turn OFF the printer and remove all the DIMMs as well as the third-party DIMMs from the printer for removing all printing memories.
  • Keep the firmware DIMM and don’t remove it.
  • Now remove all the EIO devices before turning ON the printer.
  • If you find the Code 49 error is resolved, it’s strongly advised to install each DIMM along with the EIO device separately while keeping the power OFF.
  • Now, switch on the power of the printer to start printing once again.
  • If you notice that the DIMM or the EIO device is the reason behind the error, then replace it.
  • Even after doing that, if the issue refuses to go away, then according to the HP technicians, replace the firmware DIMM followed by replacing the formatter of the LaserJet printer.

Solution 5: Updating of Printer’s Firmware

Outdated or damaged firmware is another reason for this error. If you are using a corrupted firmware, HP 49 error 3d910c8 error code will pop up. Update the firmware with its latest and newer version to get rid of this error.

Solution 6: Printing of a Test Page

  • First of all, turn your printer off and detach all the power cables connected to it.
  • Check whether you HP LaserJet p2055d Printer switches to Ready state or not.
  • Power on the printer and print a test page.
  • If page prints, the error is more like to disappear.

    Smart hacks to fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX:

    Printer issues are history, Due to the diverse usage of a printer, its importance is widely recognized by the public, private as well as educational sectors. With the technological advancements, the introduction of the printer has revolutionized people’s lives. Completing a task is no more a challenge.

    According to our executives, users should perform the following steps to eliminate Error code 49 :

    • Press cancel job to clear out print jobs from printer’s memory
    • Turn off your printer and after some time turn it on
    • Print a job from other software application
    • Disconnect all the cables which are connected to the network or printer
    • Switch off the printer and remove all memory DIMMs
    • Remove all EIO devices from the printer device and switch it on
    • Now, install DIMM as well as EIO and reconnect all the cables

    If you are thinking that purchasing a branded printer eliminates the risk of printer errors, you are absolutely wrong. Printer users have experienced frequent errors at least once in their lifetime.

    Following steps to eliminate 49.ff01 service error hp printer

    Our executives do not want you to suffer during your printing session. Therefore, we provide you with easy troubleshooting steps to eliminate HP Error 49.FF81 Message. We provide you with comprehensive guidelines to eliminate  HP printer error code 49.FF81

    • Power off the MFP and remove the EIO hard disk
    • Print a configuration page by pressing the Menu key and then press the Select key.
    • After that, highlight Print Configuration and press the Select key
    • Test the MFP by sending print jobs over the network
    • If the MFP prints successfully, power down the MFP and reinstall the hard drive
    • Perform a Disk Init

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