How to Fix HP Printer Offline Windows 10?

HP Printer Offline Windows 10

When your printer no longer prints and you printer shows no sign or physical error, it means you have HP Printer Offline Error. Whenever such peculiar error appears on your HP Printer, place a call directly at HP Printer Customer Support Number. There is ample number of ways to HP Printer Offline Windows 10 and some of them are easier than you think.

So, Why is My Printer Offline –   My HP Printer is Offline & How To Get Your HP Printer Back Online   When we have to print some paper, we choose the “ Print ” option. After this, the printer to be used is chosen. But, if no answer comes, then the chosen printer must have gone offline. You will have to follow certain steps to make it back online from the offline state.

In certain situations, the machine or system you use declares the printer to be offline when you order to print something. But the printer is, in fact, online and ready for use. This occurs due to an error between your machine and the printer. There may be simple reasons for this sometimes, too. This explanation may be that the cables are not wired properly. Thanks to the paper jam, there may also be an error.

HP Printer is Offline Windows 10

In addition , due to certain technical issues, there could be a “Offline” mistake.

hp printer offline

A HP Printer Offline Error appears due to variant reasons. It is hard to pinpoint the reason which is actually causing the error. Mainly network connectivity or poor power connection boosts such error. Rebooting is the best option to bring your HP printer back to Online. But there are several other effective ways to fix your HP Printer is Offline Windows 10 and Mac.

Effective Solution to Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Error:

HP Printer offline error is one of the most sudden and uncertain error that you can have. It appears out of nowhere without any pre awareness. But when such offline error appears, you need to check your network and cable connection on prime basis. If that does not help, read out the blog or avail help from HP Printer Customer Care Support.

  • First of all, reboot your computer by shutting it off and then on again.
  • Also make sure that your printer is properly plugged in to your system.
  • Now log in to your system with Administrator Rights and click on the Start button.
  • Open Devices and Printers and right click on the Printer that you see there.
  • Choose “see what’s printing”. And when the printer spooler window opens up, click on Printers.
  • Select and unmark the “Use Printer Offline” box. This will make your printer back to online.
  • Now close the window and open Printer and Devices again.
  • Navigate to your web browser and download the latest printer driver.
  • Install the driver following the on screen instructions.
  • Now click on Control Panel after clicking on Start button.
  • Type Troubleshooter and thus click on the Troubleshooting link.
  • Click on “use a printer” under Hardware and Sound.
  • Now follow the instruction to detect the error and fix it immediately.

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