How To Fix HP Printer Error code 54.2?

HP Printer Error code 54.2

With their versatility and unrivalled performance, these easy to use HP printer are taking over the world. But despite the amazing features, HP printer is not without its faults. These faults need fixes from time to time. Error codes, on the other hand, keeps a check on the device’s shortcomings and helps you to know it on time. To fix HP Printer Error Code  54.2, these steps mentioned below will come in handy and also enable you to have an error-free printing experience.


Various causes related to Printer Error Code 54.2 in your printer.

Before moving on to the steps that will resolve your error issues, you need to know the causes for its occurrence.

  1. Problems in the cartridge or having a defective one can lead to error code 54.2
  2. Issues in the carousel can also lead to errors in your device.

4 Steps that will help to resolve the Printer Error 54.2

These 4 steps will help you to resolve the issues of your device.

  1. Power off the printer and disconnect it for a few minutes. A minimum of five minutes later turns it back on.
  2. If the error persists, you need to check for each of the toners, whether they are installed correctly.
  3. Remove the last toner and restart the printer. A message will be displayed ‘Toner position missing,’ and in that case, the toner is defective and needs a quick replacement.
  4. If the error shows as ‘error 54.2, it means that the toner is ok and you need to reinstall it again. Follow this procedure with the other toner and find out the defective one.

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Get instant solutions for your device!

If the above-given solutions do not work. You need to take your device to an expert. HP Printer Error code 54.2. Needs its fixes to be done by a technician who has the expertise to resolve the problems within minutes. Connect with us now by calling at HP Printer Support toll-free number or chat with us via live chat option available on our webpage.

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