How To Fix Epson printer L110 Paper Jam Issue?

The Epson printer L110 Paper Jam Issue occur due to the presence of little paper inside the printer or in any other parts of the printer. There may be few broken paper feed sections or even a spring connector inside the printer and fading Paper Feeder Rubber may also be one of the causes of paper jam issue. As said by Printer Support team that the Epson printer paper jam issue may also be due to few available paper feed sensors inside the printer that need to be checked instantly. This may even appear as a broken or dirty way. But one don’t need to worry about it because our expert technicians have found a solution to fix the Epson printer keeps saying paper jam issues.

Why does my Epson printer L110 keeps saying paper jam?

Sometimes, it happens that the Epson printer shows paper jams and it won’t print but there is no paper jam in real. If you are sure there is no piece of paper somewhere inside the printer, then try out these methods to fix this problem:

Normally, in most of the cases, Epson printer Paper Jam problem occurs due to a dirty or jammed sensor flag in the printer. Look inside the printer through the paper path for the stuck sensor arm. Paper sensor flags are usually located near the paper feeds and where the paper comes out of the printer. The paper must smoothly pass through these sensors as it moves through its path.

Epson printer Paper Jam

If a piece of paper (even the smallest piece of paper) or a pin or any outside material is stuck inside the printer, it may block the paper sheet to move though its desired path and the false paper jam error message shows up on the printer.

The best way is to manually run a thick sheet of paper through the paper path to check if the paper moves freely and ensure there is nothing stuck inside that may be blocking the paper to move in the direction is normally moves.

Steps to fix the Epson Printer paper jam issues

If you want to fix the problem at home rather than search for expert help, you can surely find a way out here. But the question remains, ‘how to fix Epson printer paper jam?’ We are providing you with a helpful guideline to resolve the paper jamming issue efficiently. While following the steps you need to be very careful as any wrong step can directly affect your printer. Resolve paper jamming problem in six simple steps:

Users initially need to check the printer as well as all the paper feed sensors to detect the paper jam technical errors happening in the printer

Fix the Paper Jam Issue:

  • Unplug your Epson printer and wait for few minutes, and then restart your printer.
  • Make sure not to pull out the paper out from a jam situation in the opposite direction as this can lead you to more problems.
  • After this, check that there is no loose paper stuck in the loading tray.
  • Now, you have to take the printer roller and then clean it with the soft cloth properly.
  • Further, try to move the print-head in the left and then restart the printer
  • Once you complete the process, restart your computer and turn on your printer and check if the Epson printer has started working.

Fix the Paper Feeding Problem:

Leading Edge Problems:

If there is some problem with the leading edge of the paper then it means that the side that goes in the first then the printer might not load it. Here, you have to check the folds, tears, creases or another sort of damage as a printer could only load even pages as they go in the straight form into the printer rollers.

Fix Paper Jam in Paper Cassette and Auto-Duplexer

  1. When an error message is displayed on your screen > cancel the ongoing printing job if required > take out both of the paper cassettes from your scanner > carefully remove the jammed paper > load the paper under the edge guide.
  2. Insert the cassettes back in a flat position > keep inserting cassette number 1 until the arrows towards the right side are lined up properly.
  3.  release the auto-duplexer > remove the duplexer from the scanner > carefully take out the jammed paper from inside the unit.
  4. Open the duplexer unit > remove jammed paper from the duplexer if required.
  5. Reattach the duplexer.
  6. Finally, follow the given prompts on your screen > clear any error message.

Unload the Trays and clean Dirty Rollers

  1. Open the drawer style trays > release them and slide all the way out >
  2. Set them aside > look for the jammed paper inside > pull out the papers that were lifted but were never fed all the way through.
  3. Make sure the trays are not overloaded > put the trays back inside the scanning device.
  4. If you notice any dust or dirt sitting on your printer > look for the reduced roller grip in your printer > clean the rollers with the cleaning sheet provided by the manufactures.
  5. Alternatively, you can remove the dust by the help of a sticky paper. Pick all dirt with care > insert the rollers again > restart your scanning device.

Tried to alternative methods Fix Epson Printer paper jam issues

Step 1. PW Sensor

  • PW Sensors are found at the absolute bottom location of the printhead carriage which may be completely dry with ink and full of paper dust. So, here users are advised by Epson L110 Printer Technical Support expert technicians to uninstall it first, and then go for cleaning the section.
  • Dry the device later on

Step 2. PE Sensor

  • PE Sensors need to be thoroughly checked as well as to be cleaned out.

Step 3. CR Encoder Sensor

  • Check for the encoder strip and then clean it if it is found dirty enough to work with it.

Step 4. PF Encode Sensor

  • PE Encoder Sensors need to be checked thoroughly with the encoder and should be cleaned out if found dirty for use.

Step 5. PG Sensor

  • PG Sensors need to be checked out thoroughly and then clean it all through the device.
  • Users can perform this step by themselves if they possess a good experience to work with the Epson printer
  • Well, they are first requested to disassemble and then assemble instructions in printer Service Manual.

How to Fix Epson l110 Ink-Out Errors?

When you Epson printer cannot detect any traces of ink inside the ink cartridges, you face this error. If this error troubling your printing works, contact Epson Customer Support Number 1-877-977-6597 for help. Reset the ink levels to fix Epson l110 Ink-Out Errors. Epson l110 it is time to reset the ink levels error can be frustrating. You need to fix it with instant affect to continue your printing process. Epson L110, L210, L300, L355 are more likely to be affected by this ink run out error.

Even if you have filled up your printer with ink, you may experience this error. Printer cannot determine whether the ink tanks are full or not. There is a benchmark for the amount of the ink. Until you fill your ink cartridges with that much amount of ink, you will keep on having this error. After you change your ink settings, you no longer have to face this error.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Fix Epson L110 Ink-Out Errors:

As discussed, you need to change your ink settings to annihilate this error. Even after filling up the ink tank, there will be no effect on the error. Here, we have discussed the most possible solution to eradicate this error in no time span. If you are looking for professional help, Epson Printer Customer Care Support is the best place for you.

  • First of all, you need to power on you printer.
  • Now press and hold the reset button for good 5 seconds and thus release.
  • As you release the button, press it again for around 3 seconds.
  • Now release the button and thus press the reset button quickly.
  • Now you have successfully reset your printer. You are now ready to use it error-freely.

Finally, you have successfully annihilated this error and make your printer free from this ink out error. Make sure when the process takes place, you press the “Do Quickly” button.

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