How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code P07 ?

The Canon printer error message P07 appears when the Canon Pixma printer detects the “FINE Cartridge that is not accurately installed. Well, a’ FINE’ cartridge usually refers to a stand-alone black or tri-color cartridge that usually works exclusively in two cartridge printer when the print head attached to it is visible. While only Canon original cartridges can easily carry the’ FINE’ branding, according to Canon printer support professionals.  The Canon printer error message appears because on some level the printer has recognized the cartridge and does not even indicate a cartridge problem itself. Instead, the printer indicates that the inkjet printer has installed a compatible ink cartridge in an incorrect position. The error occurs when users open the printer’s lid, when the cradle moves quickly into the replacement position of the ink cartridge from where users can find atleast identical looking cartridge slots.

Steps to Troubleshoot Canon printer Error P07

Usually the message will appear after changing an ink cartridge and removing it, the professional team of experts working at the department of Canon Printer Technical Support simply needs to ensure that each of the black and color cartridges is installed correctly. These are installed in the right location

Step 1: Working with the “lid of the printer

Open up the lid of the printer and then wait for the cradle to easily move up to the cartridge replacement position accurately.

Step 2: Removal of the cartridges

  • Removal of both the cartridges from the printer is an essential process to have.
  • Examine the labels accurately to ensure that one is a black (PG-37/PG-40/PG-50/PG-510/PG-512/PG-540/PG-540XL) and the other one is colored (CL-38/CL-41/CL-51/CL-511/CL-513/CL-541/CL-541XL).

Step 3: Locating the slot

Locating of the correct slot for the colored as well the black cartridge by using indications on the printer or on the cartridge cradle is an essential task.

Step 4: Reinstallation of the cartridge

  • Re-installation of both the cartridges into an accurate slot is essential.
  • The message will now completely disappear leaving users absolutely in a position to continue printing the document. If however the message still exists, it may be due to that one or more of the cartridges has been miss-labelled by the manufacturer.

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