How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B504 ?

Canon Maxify Printer, recently released, has found error code B504 giving you trouble. To fix Canon Maxify Printer Error Message B504 that occurred as no print-head ink that could occur when the cartridge is empty or there is no ink flowing from the cartridge. You can also read the blog for 2-3 minutes below. What happens when you insert a new cartridge is that the printer automatically looks for a default cleaning process, but it will report a Canon Error Code B504 if you find no ink at the print head. This can happen with the original cartridge or non-original cartridge that is a problem with the Canon Printer, but for efficient and reliable services that are offered there is a solution or connect to the Canon Printer Support Phone Number.

Following are The Important Instructions to Use Canon PGI-1200 / PGI-2200 Compatible Cartridges:

  • The yellow protective tape must be removed from the cartridge before installing it.
  • If the cartridge is removed from the printer when it is fully depleted or when no ink is flowing, you may experience an error code such as B504. This is due to the printer design, not due to the cartridge design. It happens because when you install a new cartridge, the printer automatically does a cleaning cycle, but if there is no ink in the print-head, it will generate an error.

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Steps to Fix Canon Maxify Printer Error Message B504:

Step 1: With the Printer ON unplug the power cord and open the front cover

Step 2: Move the Print-head cart manually to the location of cartridge replacement

Step 3: Place your index finger above the cartridge you wish to change and press on the fastener that is located under the black plectrum you will hear a clicking sound and the cartridge will eject.

Step 4: Change other cartridges in a similar way

Step 5: After replacing the cartridge close the printer cover plug in the power cord and restart the printer for normal use

Call for Prompt Help to Canon Printer Customer Support Number + 1-855-666-7789

Can’t you fix the Canon Support code B504 by studying the blog’s above steps? Canon Printer Support Number + 1-855-666-7789 (toll-free) to provide reliable and efficient service. Get your problems resolved by connecting to the certified expert team of technicians as soon as possible. Our qualified technical expert team is available 24* 7 to guide you along the right path, offering an effective solution. Feel free to call any time the tech team from Canon Printer Support.

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