How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 801?

Have you authenticated your email server, email user, password but still can’t send email as it shows the “801” error? You’re worried about that? If you are facing canon error code 801 and want to know how to resolve it, then you can follow this article till the end. This document consists of proper guidance to resolve the glitch with ease. But before going on that part, at first, let’s focus on the causes due to which you can encounter canon 801 error.

When you try to print a document directly from the email or from any of the articles available online, then the Canon printer error is an annoying issue for the Canon users. You may get stuck with the unexpected error message, “Canon Printer Error Code 801”. Here, the printer stops responding and without fixing it, you won’t able to use it further. However, this article is suitable to resolve it and the Canon Printer Support team seems always ready to deliver you the effortless solution within a limited timeframe.

Canon Printer Error Code 801

Causes for Canon Printer Error Code 801

Due to several causes, you can encounter this kind of errors with your device. For instance-Canon error code 801 occurs due to several reasons. The reasons behind this error are many which we have research and discussed below:

  • FTP Server error is one of the main reasons behind this 801 error.
  • SMTP error causes the email sending like a major issue and shows the Canon error 801. Therefore, incorrect Email addresses and configuration errors are responsible for this annoying issue.
  • Another reason is the SMB error that includes memory space issues. Due to junk files or unnecessary files, the Canon printer fails to share the documents to the server.
  • Time out Error- You can encounter this error when your machine stops communicating with the SMTP server.
  • You can also encounter this error when you are trying to reconnect the printer but fails to proceed through an accurate process.
  • In some cases, you can encounter this error, if you are trying to send a file to the destination where you have no administrative permission.
  • Due to address settings, you can also encounter this kind of errors with your device.

Different types of 801 errors:

  • 801 [SMTP] Sending to e-mail server
  • 801 [SMB] Sending to a shared folder
  • 801 [FTP] Sending to an FTP server

Causes of getting this error and solutions to Fix Canon Error Code 801:

  1. 801 [SMTP] Sending to e-mail server


  • such an error is generally being occurred during communication with the SMTP server to transmit an email
  • The form Email address is not correct
  • At the time of connection, the SMTP server returned an error
  • Due to some kind of spam policy filtering, the SMTP server rejected the Email


  • Check and verify whether the SMTP server is operating properly
  • Check and verify the email address is being used by you, is valid for the SMTP server
  • Check out the network status
  • Check out your configuration settings that are configured in Canon device

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  1. 801 [SMB] Sending to a shared folder


  • May be the destination is full or there is no space to write
  • The user account does not have enough disk space quota available
  • The SMB client setting is not turned “ON”
  • Software firewall or Internet Security application might be turned “ON” or not appropriately configured to permit this traffic


  • Check and verify that whether the destination has enough space available or not
  • Check and verify that the user account does have proper access
  • Make sure that SMB client protocol is turned “ON”
  • Make sure that software firewalls is configured properly to permit this traffic
  1. 801 [FTP] Sending to an FTP Server:


  • You have no write permission in sending to a destination
  • The machine you are trying to send to the FTP server might be already exists
  • You might be sending the incorrectly spelt folder name or entering the wrong password


  • Check out that you have write permission to that destination
  • Make sure that there should be no copied file which you are trying to send
  • Make sure that while sending the file, you are entering the correct user name and password for that destination

Here are some easy fixes, using which you will be able to resolve the matter on your own.

  1. In order to resolve the matter on your own, at first, you have to check the functionality of the SMTP server, as well as try to check the status of the network.
  2. Once done you have to check for the address settings. If you found any glitch in the address settings, then try to resolve the matter first.
  3. After that, you have to check whether a file name which you want to send, already exist or not. If not, then try to check whether it has permission to execute the job or not. If you notice that, there no permission, then you have to enable it manually.
  4. Once done restart your device and try to check whether you are able to resolve the matter or not.

After following the above points, you will be able to resolve the matter on your own.

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