How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 752?

Canon Printer’s Error Code 752 is a Scan to Email End Error. Does this mistake trouble you and also give you nightmares? To get rid of all headaches. This blog post will help you fix error code 752 for Canon Printer.

Canon Printers are a perfect combination of advanced technology and features. It fulfills all your personal and professional needs. Canon printer render amazing performance up to a technical error spanked. One such error in Canon Printer is 752. Error code 752 If not fixed in time, scanning to email can make your life miserable. You can no longer print documents when this error code appears. You need to know about some things to fix this error. Which email server you use and which external ISP and DNS server you need to acquire all kinds of information before you fix this error. This may be the phenomenon behind this mistake.

canon error code 752

Why Canon not scanning to email and Showing Canon error code 752

Canon Error 752 or scan to email end error is one common problem that most of us face. However, it is a small error and can be fixed easily. The Canon Printer Offline Fixes are available that can make things pretty easy for you.

Take each error one at a time and confirm:

-Network connectivity

-Incorrect email address, SMTP server, ports or credentials

-Your Firewall or ISP is blocking traffic

Cause 1
The server is not functioning. The network is not connected.
Check that the SMTP server is operating properly. Check the status of the network.
Cause 2
The SMTP server name for the e-mail or I-fax is not correct. Alternatively, the domain name or e-mail address may not be set.
Check the SMTP Server Name, Domain Name, and E-Mail Address in Communication Settings. (See “Common Communication Settings for E-Mail/I-Fax.”)

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 752:

This mistake may cause you to pull your hair as the reason is uncertain. Small simple solutions can be performed to check whether or not the error is resolved. To get rid of this error from its roots, read the blog or assign Canon Printer Customer Care Support.

Solution-1: Check The Network Connection

  • If you are using a wired network connection for the printer, check if the Ethernet cable is properly connected because a loose connection could cause network problems.
  • For a wireless network connection, make sure you are using the valid network name and password and the printer is connected to the network.

Solution 2: Make sure that the server is functioning or not

The reason is undoubtedly within the server whenever you get struck in between such issues. First thing you need to make sure is whether or not the server you use to perform a printing function works properly. You should connect your printer and your system properly to your network. If not, check the server for SMTP. Make sure the server is functioning correctly. And there’s no mistake. Check the network status as well.

Solution 3: Check the SMTP server name

The first thing that matters when the error appears is the SMTP server. If the error is within the SMTP server, a lot of mishaps can occur. So make sure the email or I-fax name of the SMTP server is correct or not. Set the domain name and address of the email. Open the settings for communication and check the options below:

  • The SMTP Server Name
  • The Domain Name
  • The Email Address

Hopefully the above solution will help you to repair this pesky error.

Dial Canon Printer Customer Service Number 1-855-847-1975 for 24*7 Customer Supports:

If you’re worried about this error or any other Canon printer, this toll-free number will help you out. Canon Printer Customer Service Number is a 24* 7 toll-free number. In any serious situation, we are ready to assist you. The team will detect and resolve it in no time whenever and wherever any technical blunder occurs. To make all your Canon Printer issues disappear, dial the toll-free number.

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