How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 751 ?

Despite the supreme quality of the output, canon printer is not completely free of technical failures. If you’re a regular user, Canon Error Code 751 may be a problem for you. If the server is not connected to the network, the error message “Canon Error 751” may be displayed. There may be several other reasons behind this message of error. However, this article will help you to detect problems with the Canon printer so that you can solve it effectively.

Canon Printer Error Code 751 Problem occurs because of the following

  1. The server is not functioning. The network is not connected. (The server may be unable to connect to the network, or it may have lost the connection.)
  2. The IP address is not set.
  3. You were unable to send to an SMB server (including the Advanced Space of another imageRUNNER ADVANCE series machine made accessible by SMB), because Windows (SMB) is being used to browse file servers.

Canon Printer Error Code 751

Have A Deeper Look On Canon Error 751

At the time of getting the output, your printer may stop responding, and you may get an unexpected error with Canon.

  • Error occurs at the time of forwarding the documents.
  • Canon printer error 751 becomes a reason for decreasing the output generating speed.

So, It is a severe network issue. This problem can arise due to the following reasons.

Server Issues

If you lose the connectivity to the network or your server doesn’t work, you can face this server problem. In addition, your Canon printer will not be able to generate the output and the “Canon Error 751” will appear on your device.

IP Conflict

You may see that the IP address is not set correctly many times. Suppose you erroneously set an incorrect IP address, then your device can not recognize your system and can not connect to the printer.

SMB Error

You may notice that the SMB server is not functioning at times. It becomes a major issue with Canon printer as it works as a file transferring server for Windows. This error may result in a failure of the SMB protocol.

Easy Process To Remove Canon Error Code 751

Try out the solutions given below and check if the steps are efficient enough to resolve Canon error 751 successfully.

Process 1: Server Settings

Check the status of the server first. It shows an offline state, turn it on immediately. Moreover, make sure that the network is fair. Now, verify the Canon printer is functioning or not.

Process 2: Reset TCP/IP Settings

To open the “Settings” window, tap the “Start” button and select the “Settings” option. After that, open the Network & Internet Properties window by selecting the Settings Window option, “Network & Internet.”

You’ll get the type of connection here. If the Wired cable is used, select “Ethernet.” Now select the “Check Adapter option” option, and you’re going to get a different window. Then select the “Ethernet” type of network and right-click it. A pop-up menu will then appear and the “Properties” option is selected to check the status of TCP / IP.

Finally, check whether the type of protocol is correctly selected or not. Otherwise, as per your system requirement, you can select IPV4/IPV6 and press “OK” button to proceed further.

Process 3: Remove Multiple Copies

First, remove all copies from the system tray queue. Now, by keeping the first one in the system tray and stop browsing, cancel the rest of the documents. Now scan the document and send it one by one to the rest of the files. It will remove the SMB error and, like major conflict, remove the network jam.

However, if you don’t get a perfect solution for the Canon Printer Error Code 751, you can contact us for immediate support.

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