How to Fix Epson Printer in Error State Windows 10?

[Solved] Epson Printer in Error State Windows 10

Epson printer is in an error state due to a software upgrade problem or a hardware problem with the printer device. If you print and receive this pop-up message from your printer computer, then this will definitely stop you from performing the job. And in that case , in order to fix it, you must first define the cause behind this mistake. To obtain a full understanding and how to repair Epson Printer in Error State problem, go through this article thoroughly.

With the day to day modernization, printer play an essential role in our daily work. Printers make the work much more comfortable. But as time passes printer also face some error codes related to its hardware and software. Many users report encountering problems like Epson Printer in Error State Windows 10.

Epson printer in error state

Causes of Epson Printer in Error State Windows 10

The Epson printer error state mainly occurs if there is any problem with the printer itself. Printer error can also happen when the printer is turned on, and the paper is in a jammed state. Here in this article, you can get all the relevant information about how to resolve the printer error and make things simpler. 

Connection issues between printer and computer: Some printer face connection issues with the network. Maybe there is a problem with the wireless network.

Printer is not getting the power supply: This is a most common error that users often complain about. It can happen due to problems with power cords in use. The printer will not get the proper power supply if there is any problem with the connecting cables.

Installation problems on the printer software: Sometimes for problems with the installation process printer can stop responding. Make sure that you install the printer software correctly and carefully.

Corrupted printer drivers: Corrupt printer drivers may also result in malfunctioning of your printer. Drivers got damaged when the driver was not up to date. Sometimes third-party applications and virus infection can also lead to corrupt printer drivers.

Epson printer error state Error affects your printer and can cause your PC to disrupt its functionality and interrupt work.So, don’t panic about it. Epson Printer Error State issue could be fixed easily by just following the steps that suggested by Epson printer service professionals. Then follow the steps that bellow to quick fixes the issue.

Solutions to Resolve Epson Printer is in Error State Windows 10 :-

Solution 1:- Check for any hardware issue

  • First of all, make sure that your printer’s electrical cord is properly plugged into an electrical outlet and the power is turned on.
  •  If it’s the case where you’re printing to a shared printer or any networked based printer then, make sure that all necessary computers, as well as routers, are turned-on too.
  • It is to be noted that if the printer is plugged into a hard protector then, make sure that hardware is plugged in and turned on as well.
  • Users who are working with the wired printer, it is important to note that the printer cable is well connected from the printer to their PC.
  • In case of wireless printer then, check for the wireless connection and ensure that the printer’s wireless option is well turned on.
  • Next, users will be requested to run the printer’s wireless connectivity test now.

Step 3: Restart your printer and your computer

  • First of all, close all ongoing printing tasks and turn off your printer.
  • Furthermore, abort all ongoing print jobs in the queue.
  • Restart your device and power up your printer and see whether the problem is resolved.

Most of the time, restarting the device may resolve your printer error codes.

Solution 2: Working With a Troubleshooter

Before working with the troubleshooter, users should know that a troubleshooter is an automated tool which has the ability to automatically fix problems in the PC. So, here also the printing troubleshooter can easily fix errors while installing and connecting to a printer.

Solution 3: Update Printer drivers

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  • Most of the printer require driver software to function accurately.
  • If users have recently upgraded from one Windows version to another then, it’s possible that the current printer driver is compatible with the previous version of Windows.
  • If users are facing recent power issues, viruses, or any other computer problems, then it’s possible that the drivers have become completely damaged.
  • So, the next step would be to download and install the latest driver for the printer which can surely resolve these types of complex issues faster.

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