How To Fix Epson Printer Error code 0xe5 ?

Epson Printer Error code 0xe5

There are individuals around the world who are dissatisfied with the frequent occurrence of the epson printer error code 0xe5 of the Epson printer that occurs when a led printer is attached. As per research by Epson Printer Support Aid, this is a common mistake that users can come across on a daily basis. Did you come across the Epson Printer Error 0XE5 ? Don’t worry, we’re going to help patch the epson 0XE5 error for you. The following detailed procedure on how to repair Epson Printer Error 0XE5 has been described.

You should know what it is before fixing this Epson Error 0XE5, and why it happened. The most prevalent error in the Epson printer is Epson Error 0XE5. This Error 0XE5 occurs primarily because the programme of the printer driver fails or because of a virus or malware attack. The other reasons behind this mistake are hardware failure, encoder strip fault, paper jamming, incorrect installation of the printer, etc. Epson Mistake 0XE5 slows down the output of your machine And it also causes the machine to crash regularly. As a result, your Epson printer’s printing efficiency will also be hindered. By following the simple steps given below, you can solve this Epson Printer Error Code 0XE5 seamlessly.

Epson Printer Error code 0xe5

Most consumers enjoy using the Epson Workforce WF-3640 Printer, thanks to its top-quality printing facility. It provides advanced productivity and flexible paper handling operation, and also has many blue-chip features such as high-speed printing, double-sided auto printing, copying, scanning, and faxing; plus 35-page Auto Document Feeder, very good picture quality, and two paper trays, on plain paper, and so on.

But with having their ultimate features and providing the top-most services, few users may face some annoying glitches. The most popular problem facing users during print jobs is Error Code 0xe5. There may be many reasons why pop-ups interrupt the user’s job with such a mistake. When you find those basic reasons, you can easily solve the problem. To fix it via Epson Customer Support

Reasons of Epson printer error 0xe5

There may be various reasons of Epson error code 0xe5 which pop-ups while the PC software has failed. Plenty of sources may be depicted but why the error code 0xe5 of Epson printer happens is the main question. So, reasons may range from malware affected PCs, spywares, or even improper Epson printer installation of the software. Epson printer technical support professionals has advises users  to go ahead with the process of repair this error code 0xe5 of Epson printer before it turns into an awful situation for them which may affect their personal PCs

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Causes of Epson error code 0xe5

Epson printer error code 0xe5 is a type of Windows error that can lead to technical snags, slow PC performance, frequent machine crashes, device freezing, and many more software lock-up errors. In order to avoid further computer damage, it is necessary to repair the error code 0xe5 as soon as possible.

Thanks to its top-quality printing facility, most consumers enjoy accessing the Epson Workforce WF-3640 Printer. It offers advanced productivity and versatile paper handling service and also has several blue-chip features such as high-speed printing, double-sided auto printing, copying, scanning and faxing; plus 35-page Auto Document Feeder, on plain paper, very good image quality, and two paper trays, and so on. However, with its ultimate features and the provision of top services, few users can encounter some annoying glitches. Error Code 0xe5 is the one most common problem that users might confront during print job.

Methods of Fix Epson printer error code 0xe5

  • Click on the “download” button which is located right below to get access to the SmartPCFixer.
  • Next, a user is required to launch the “Smart PC Fixer” utilities to enable a thorough scan for the PC device.
  • By pressing the “Fix All” button, the Epson error code 0xe5 will be repaired together with other incoming threats that were detected earlier.

Method 1: Run the Epson Printer Software with Administrative Privileges

The primary method you need to perform is to run the administrative privileges software of the printer as it helps to fix this kind of error. Here are some of the tips for the success of the mission, explained below.

  1. Click the Windows+R key together to turn on your device and open the Run window.
  2. Type ‘services.msc’ into the search panel when the Run command starts and press the Enter key to continue.
  3. Locate the Epson Printer from the list and select Properties by right-clicking it.
  4. On the next screen , select the Compatibility tab and click on the option ‘Run Program as Administrator’.
  5. Click the Add button and then click OK to save your changes.

Now, restart the Epson printer to see if you still have the error code. Try the next solution, discussed below, if the problem is not solved or you are still receiving this error.

Method 2: Reset the Epson Printer to Fix this Error

Resetting the printer also helps users, with their Epson printers, to repair multiple error codes. To do so, follow the measures.

  1. Switch off the Epson printer first and pick up a pen tip and long-press the Reset button from the back of the printer.
  2. Switch on the printer by pressing the Reset button.
  3. Keep the Reset button for a few more seconds before a warning paper is immediately printed out.
  4. Now, release the Reset button and a printout with the IP address will come out again.
  5. Change the IP address with a newer one that was written on the board, as the reset is effective.

Restart your printer now and try printing a few pages to see if any of the error code is resolved now. You should try the following solution if it is not solved yet.

Method 3: Check the Ink Level or the Cartridge on your Epson Printer

To see if there is anything wrong with it, you need to check the ink level or the cartridge. To achieve the goal, try the steps below.

  1. Open the choice for the Printer Driver and find the Maintenance tab in it.
  2. From the bottom of the window, pick the Epson Status Monitor 3 button.
  3. Finally, to check the ink levels of your Epson printer, press the Estimated Ink Levels button on the screen.

If your printer has enough ink left, try printing again to see if the problem is solved now. Try the next workaround, discussed below, if the Epson printer error code 0xe5 persists.

Method 4: Disable the Advanced Printing Features Option on your Epson Printer

The advanced printing service is a built-in feature that often limits the printer and allows this problem to occur. You must disable the function, and to do so, here are some steps given below.

  1. Turn the printer on and tap on the Start button at the position of the Print Server.
  2. After that, to locate the Settings option from the list, click the arrow key below.
    From the next screen , select the Printer Option.
  3. After that, select the Advanced tab and select Disable Advanced features for printing.
  4. Now, quit the settings and make sure that logging continues as usual.

Finally, to see if the Epson error code is now fixed, try printing a new sheet.

Method 5: Check for the Paper Jams Problems on your Epson Printer

If none of the methods worked, a paper jam problem could occur, preventing the printer from printing. The following are the steps given below to verify if your Epson printer has any paper jams.

  1. If needed, cancel the print job and simply gently pull the paper cassette out.
  2. Now, see if the tray has some stuck paper inside, carefully remove it and put the paper cassette into it.
  3. Now, restart the printer to see if the problem is solved and if the printer is printing all right.

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