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Although Canon printer errors are typically generate
When there is a not a proper Connection between a computer and a printer and It also depends upon different Canon printer model numbers and the message being display on a computer system screen and printer display as well.

Here are a list of error codes that you may come across on a Canon printer.

Error 5100:
An error occurred in the carriage encoder signal.
Check for any obstructions of the carriage’s movement.
Reseat the ink.
Reset the ink absorber.

Error 5200:
The print head is overheating.
Turn the printer off to allow it to cool down and turn it on again but seek repair if the problem persists.

Error 5400:
The internal temperature is not what it should be.

Error 5700:
The sheet feeder needs to be replaced.It can be that the gears in the printer and/or sensor have become faulty.

Error 6000:
An error occurred in the LF encoder signal.
Can be the result of a deep paper jam with pins,paper or other miscellaneous objects stuck in there.

Error 6A00:
The cartridge mechanisim is jammed.

Here above are the list of Error code which can be resolved by contacting Canon Printer Technician team by dialing +1-888-302-0939.