Easy Ways to Resolve Canon Printer Error U052

However, you can come across several error codes on your Canon printer which will hamper the printing job, and Canon Printer Error U052 is one of the most common and frequently occurring error code in canon printer. We have all possible solutions for you to overcome all your printer troubles and get the most excellent solutions at the earliest. You can talk to our experts by calling at our helpline number to resolve Canon printer Error Code U052 and Canon printer Error U051 quickly and efficiently.

Canon printer are one of the best options available in the market to meet your printing requirement for both office and home use. Its headquarter is situated in Singapore, and it is famous for offering a user-friendly interface and high-quality prints to all its users across the world. Printhead error on Canon Printer U052 can appear due to several reasons. Still, several users come across a standard issue on a regular basis. One of the biggest pains is the error u052. Therefore, people often want to know how correctly can they resolve canon printer error u052.

Canon Printer Error U052

Our Canon printer support has been resolving this issue for long. We have gained global trust with our efficient services and accurate solutions. Get in touch with us today to Canon Printer error u052.

What Are The Reasons for Canon print error u052?

The printer is not right – The printer get damage due to some reason, or you had bought a defective printer without testing.

Hardware failure may be one of the reasons with canon print head error u052 in your printer – This failure generally causes because of power issue or programming issue. Whatever be the reason, our experts will help you to settle the issue. Connect with our Canon Printer Support.

Print Head is not installed properly – You printer’s printhead is not installed properly, therefore, it is giving the error message.

Printhead functions are not working properly  – Your printhead is not functioning properly or get corrupted due to some reason.

Quick recovery measures to fix Error Code U052 of your Canon printer:

This error code generally occurs due to improper installation of the print head or malfunctioning of the print head. Contacting with experts is always the best option to ensure accurate solution of the problem. But if you want to take an attempt to fix the issue on your own, you can follow the steps which mention below.

  1. Remove the Ink cartridge
  2. Remove the printheads and clean the rear ends with a soft cotton cloth
  3. Let all the parts to dry out for maximum 10 minutes
  4. Place the printhead and Ink cartridge back into their respective positions

If the problem persists, you can try out some other steps which are discussed below.

  • Insert new cartridge
  • Replace the cartridge with a new one
  • Reseat the printhead after cleaning it properly

Is your Canon printer still showing you the error code? Then you might have made any mistake during the recovery process. Need help from an expert to get this annoying error code resolved quickly and conveniently.

Cause of this Canon Printer error U052 and U051

You may have seen the following error message is displayed-

The type of printhead is incorrect install the correct print head U052″.

You might come across this message if you are using any of the following Canon printer:

  • MX850
  • MP540
  • MP530
  • MP600
  • MP610
  • MP970

Generally, there are two reasons causing this error:

  1. First, your printer is not installed correctly.
  2. Secondly, your printer is malfunctioning even if it’s installed.

Step To Fix Canon Printer Error U052

In case your printer is not installed correctly, error u052 might occur. Go through the following steps for troubleshooting:

  • First, switch off the power of your printer.
  • Then, remove the lid of your Canon device.
  • Next, check the situation of the cartridge slots.
  • Go for installation of the print head.
  • Finally, close your printer and switch on the power.

Your printer should now work fine. If the error message continues showing up, it is possibly the other issue. In that case, get in touch with our customer support center. We are sure to assist you.

If your Canon Printer is not working in spite of proper installation, it could be an issue with the computer or laptop.

  • First, you should go for a reinstallation of the print head.
  • Also, consider a primary cleaning process.

Efficient Ways To resolve print head not installed error u052 on canon printer.

Step 1-

First, you need to open the lid of the printer to get to the printer’s cartridges and the print head. After the opening of the lid, the cartridges space will naturally lift up to the center front of the printer.

Step 2-

Now, plug out the printer from the power cord. And then you need to verify that the cartridge lever which is just next to the cartridge cradle is lifted up. If this happens, the cartridge slot won’t allow the auto move. Afterward, from the cartridges space remove all the ink cartridges.

Step 3-

Due to the removal of cartridges the black print head will get uncovered. Now, you have to remove the printhead from your Canon printer. However, if you will pull it, the print head will fall off.

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After that perform out the fundamental cleaning cycle on the print head.  Again reinsert the print head and the ink cartridges into the printer and ensure that there is no open space and the lever is back set up.

At last, close the lid of the printer and then again switch ON the printer.

Canon Printer U052 Error is designed with internal security features. This made easier for the device to sense technical problems as soon as they appear. Such issues are sent to the operator through error codes and messages displayed on the screen. That is why troubleshooting this device is much easier than other printer. A printhead error may appear due to many reasons. Most the issues are related to printer cartridge and the printer cartridge carrier. Very often the interior of the printer can also show print head error.

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