Effective Ways To Fix Canon Printer Error B200

Canon printer have captured the digital printing market with economical and powerful printer. Surely, their home and industrial printer are preferred by everyone because of their superior performance. However, error b200 caused difficulties and affected printing. Contact our Canon printer service experts to resolve the Canon Printer Error B200.

The note “A service error has occurred” appears on the computer. It means that your printer has encountered the error code. You will also be notified of this alert when the printer head is overheated or there is an electrical problem.

But only the reason for canon printer error code b200 is due to a printhead problem.

Canon Printer Error Code B200

If you have a Canon inkjet printer, you might have detected a Canon Printer Error Code B200 at some point. This error has troubled me many times, too. Well, I taught myself how to deal with and fix this error. Now, you should be able to repair the Pixma MP560 Canon Error B200 with this basic troubleshooting manual.

Canon printer is known worldwide for its high-end machines and performance. People can find a wide variety of advanced features in Canon printers. You can even remotely access your printer wirelessly. Even, users need to experience a few technical bugs when using a Canon printer. Canon printer error code B200 is one such error often caused due to the problems with the printhead, voltage or temperature.


In the event that you experience Canon Error Code B200, you have to just mood killer the Canon printer for an hour and afterward unplug its capacity link. From that point onward, open up the spread, and check for objects that stop up the printhead, for example, paper cuts. Eliminate such unfamiliar articles in the event that you see it, and turn on the printer by shutting its spread. On the off chance that this neglects to determine the B200 mistake code, at that point keep on perusing out this blog.

Do you have the same problem with your Canon printer? Don’t worry. You can resolve this problem by using the correct methods. Go through this article to know more.

What Causes Canon Printer Error B200?

This error normally occurs when the printer has used different ink formulas, however, here’s the thing. A great example is when an OEM cartridge is replaced or refilled with cheap printing supplies of questionable toner quality and/or construction quality. So, only if you want to refill or use remanufactured ink cartridge, I highly recommend buying from legal suppliers

We need a printer to transform every softcopy document into a hardcopy. But still, while printing, they display issues such as Canon printer error B200 are well known. This problem is pretty familiar to almost any Canon printer user. There may be different reasons for this issue, but it mostly happens due to errors involved with the cartridge.

  • Ink Carriage jam inside the printer
  • Waste Ink Tank might be Full
  • Cartridges dried up (not used for a long time)
  • Print Head overheat (blocks the connection)
  • Faulty Cartridges

If you use different proportions of ink in your Canon printer, the printer will also create issues like this. If you replace the OEM cartridge with cheap cartridges, the printing quality will be affected and users will face printing problems.

Canon Printer Error Code B200- Effective Solutions

Although Canon printer are very much preferred, specific technical issues can affect it at times. You need to know the right solutions to solve issues like Canon printer error B200. To successfully get away from the error B200, here are some of the best troubleshooting techniques:

For 4+ Cartridge Printers:

  • Open the printer cover and remove all the cartridges from the cradle. You will quickly pull out the cartridges as the cradle rises automatically before removing the cover.
  • Then raise the lever beside the cradle of the cartridge to eject the printhead inside your printer. When the lever is raised, very gently separate the printhead from the printer.
  • Then put the printheads back to the correct location within the printer again. After inserting don’t forget to lock the lever.
  • In the same way, reinsert all cartridges into the printer according to their proper location and shut the door. When all of this is done, it means that your printer is ready to work accurately by accessing the cartridges and printheads.
  • Then, unplug the power cord from the printer and give it at least 5 minutes. It lets the printer cool a bit and also removes the residual charge.
  • Plug-in the power cable back to the printer and check if it is working properly.

For Canon 2 Cartridge Printers:

First, turn off the printer. If the printer produces an error, it stops the cartridge cradle from going within the printer. You can solve this error by resetting the printer.

Power on your printer to remove the problematic cartridge. You need to replace the faulty cartridge with a new one. As printhead is one of the most important components of the printer. You cannot resolve the B200 error without switching the cartridge.

Review the nozzle and cleaning cycle after mounting the new cartridge. This is a major move you can not miss to decide whether to replace the correct cartridge. If the error remains, so try another cartridge.

Canon printer work with two cartridges, it is possible for either of the two cartridges to malfunction. Replace and check both cartridges one by one.

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