How to do Canon Pixma MG2520 Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma MG2520 Wireless Setup

You are looking for guidance on how to do Canon Pixma MG2520 Wireless Setup? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you bring out the measures for Canon Pixma MG2520 Setup. You can come across a variety of problems when using a computer, it’s absolutely fine. My team is going to help you out with everything. Don’t worry about this we’ll help you in every possible way.  Here are some of the steps for Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer Setup.

Canon Pixma MG2520 Wireless Setup

Steps to Canon Pixma MG2520 Wireless Setup:

  1. You must uninstall all sorts of security precautions from your printer. Lift the cover of the scanning machine of the printer. Open the paper output tray of the printer. Take out the holder of the cartridge and cut the safety materials as well.
  2. Put one end of the power cord in the proper printer interface and connect the other end to the wall power outlet.
  3. Switch the printer on to pick your language choice on the operating pad. Click the OK button for this.
  4. Switch it back off,  Open the cover of the scanner. Place the holder of the ink cartridge back in place. Close the cover of the scanner. Switch the printer on. Click the Setup button and pick the Wireless LAN Setup button. Press OK.
  5. Choose Simple Setup, click OK. Pick Entry Point, click Yes. Enter the WEP icon, click OK.
  6. Place the setup Disc on the CD-ROM tray. Insert the tray.
  7. Run the MG2520 Canon driver application. Pick the country in which you live. Choose Next.
  8. Choose to install Fast. Download the software now.
  9. Pick “Use network printer” Tap the next one.
  10. Find your own on the list after the software has stopped finding the printer. Click the Next tab.
  11. Wait for the installation of the software. Click here to complete.
  12. The printer application menu appears on the computer screen signaling that the printer is ready to use.

Canon Pixma MG2520 Setup for Windows:

  1. Keep in mind that the following point is that your Windows prompts are necessary for drivers to update properly and to create a working link with the printer.
  2. Switch off your Canon MG2520 printer. It must be switched off in the first few measures before you are asked to turn it on.
  3. Your printer is expected to come with a USB cable. Attach your printer to your machine via proper ports, both on your computer and on your printer.
  4. Switch the Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer on now.
  5. Find the “Start” button on your screen and press the button to open the Control Panel display. Locate the hardware and sound option on the window. Look for Computers and Printers and choose the “Add Printer” option. Browse to “Local Printer” Note the port the printer uses to connect to your device. Please click on the port.
  6. A window is about to open up. On the window, click “Canon” and find your printer model. Click the Next tab.
  7. Choose a name to mark the printer, and then press Next.
  8. Specify whether or not you want the printer to be circulated. Click the Next tab.
  9. Specify whether or not you want the scanner to be the main printer. Click the Next tab.
  10. The Canon Pixma MG2520 printer is ready to use.

Canon Printer Pixma MG2520 Setup for Mac:

  1. Drag your web browser and check out this page.
  2. You can find the Support and Drivers on this website.
  3. On the Product Form List, find the Customer and Home Office choices.
  4. Choose Printers on the Product Family list.
  5. Find your printer model and press the link next to it.
  6. Select the Operating System drop-down menu. Download an acceptable version of Mac OS X.
  7. Upload the driver you want.
  8. Double click on the file and a new window will open when you download it. Click on the correct file and the installation will commence.
  9. Double click and Proceed. Choose Install.
  10. Attach a printer to a Mac with a USB cable. Switch the printer on.

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Connect Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer to Wifi:

If you have already gone through the above steps, but at the end, you will notice that your Canon Pixma MG2520 Wireless Setup has not been successfully set up yet. So, rather than being worried, put a call on the toll-free number and connect with highly qualified tech specialists. In a few seconds, set up your printer and you can openly print, scan or fax something from your computer.

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