Guide to do Brother MFC-J480DW Wireless Setup

Brother MFC-j480DW Wireless Setup

Are you looking for advice on how to connect Brother MFC-j480DW Wireless Setup? Don’t worry, we’re here to instruct you to connect a brother printer to a Wi-Fi network link between your printer. You can come across a variety of problems when using a device, it’s absolutely fine. My team is going to be looking after it. Don’t think about this, we’re going to help you.

Brother MFC-j480DW Wireless Setup

Complete Steps to Brother MFC-J480DW Wifi Setup.

Step 1: Open the Printer

After that, remove the tape and film cover from the unit and show it. Afterward, make sure that the components below arrive together with the machine: 

  • Starter Ink Cartridges: Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Black. 
  • Product Safety Guide, Basic User’s Guide, Quick Setup Guide. 
  • Telephone Line Cord. 
  • CD-ROM. 

Step 2: Load the Paper

After the device has been unpacked, load the paper onto the paper tray. Take the input tray out of the system to do this. Then raise the cover of the outlet tray.

After that, fan the paper properly and then put it in a paper tray. Change the width of the paper guides and close the output cover of the input tray. Now, gently push the paper tray to the printer.

Step 3: Connect the Cord of the Telephone line

Locate the LINE jack and attach the Telephone Line cord to it. But if you don’t want to use your printer as a fax, you can skip this stage.

Step 4: Attach the Power Cable

Now, you need to connect one end of the power cable to the printer and the other end to the power supply. Then push the Power button at the top of the screen and keep it for a few seconds to toggle the device on. 

Step 5: Connect Ink Cartridges

Open the ink cartridge cover and remove the orange protective portion from the printer. Connect the ink cartridges by following the on-screen instructions. Now, the computer is loading the ink cartridge for printing. 

Step 6: Setup the device settings

After the initial cleaning process is completed, customize the system settings by following the on-screen prompts. Now, you’ve got to do the following:

  • Check print quality. 
  • Set date and time. 
  • Set Firmware Update Notice. 
  • Print the installation sheet. 

Step 7: Set Language 

Click the Settings button on the Printer Control Panel. After that, pick the next one, using the Down or Up arrow key: 

  • Choose the ‘Initial Setup’ option and press OK. 
  • Next, select the ‘Local Language’ option and then press the OK button. 
  • Now, choose your preferred language and press OK. 

After this, click the Exit or Pause button on the Print Control Panel. 

Step 8: Choose the Correct Receive Mode

Accurate Receive Mode is specified by the operation of telephone subscribers and external equipment (Distinctive Ring, Voice Mail, etc). Here are some of the steps you can take to select the receive mode: 

  1. First and foremost, press the Settings button from the control panel.
  2. Afterward, do the following with the help of the Down or Up arrow key: 
    • Choose the ‘Fax’ option and press OK. 
    • Choose the ‘Setup Receive’ option and then press the OK button. 
    • Afterward, select the ‘Receive Mode’ option and press OK. 
    • Now, press your preferred Receive Mode and press OK. 
  1. Lastly, press the Exit or Stop button. 

Note: This method is only for customers who wish to use the system as fax service. 

Step 9: Connect the Driver and Software

Firstly, plug the CD-ROM into the system’s DVD drive. But if you don’t have a CD-ROM, you can visit Brother’s official website. Then download the new update of the printer program using your printer model code.

After that, the system initialization screen will appear. Complete the installation process by following the instructions on the screen. 

  • If the Brother screen doesn’t appear automatically, tap on the Start button and then go to the ‘My Computer’ section. Click twice on the CD/DVD-ROM icon. Afterward, click twice on the ‘start.exe’ option. 
  • If the ‘User Account Control’ screen opens, tap on the Yes button to proceed further. 
  • Furthermore, if you want to connect the printer with other computers, then you can repeat the same steps for each computer. 

Now, you will be asked to pick the ‘Type of Relation.’ Choose the sort of link you want to use. From here, press the ‘Wireless Network Link (Wi-Fi)’ option.

When the ‘Wireless Computer Configuration’ screen appears, pick ‘Setup with USB cable’ to Connect Brother MFC-J480DW Printer to Wifi.

Now, complete the additional procedures by following on-screen prompts. When you enter the ‘Full Installation’ screen, the printer will be mounted successfully. Finally, press the Finish button.

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Hopefully, this post will fix your problem with Brother MFC-j480dw wireless printer setup. Follow the instructions above wisely to set up your printer. However, if you have any other concerns, then you should take expert assistance to solve this issue and set up your Brother Printer without any problems.

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