(Step-by-Step Guide) for Brother HL-2270dw Wireless Setup

Brother hl-2270dw Wireless Setup

Two of the most important characteristics of a printer are the quality of its’ printouts and the speed at which each page is printed. Brother’s line of laser printers offers both of these features, all for a relatively lower price than you will find with most other laser printers of this class. The Brother HL2270DW steps up its’ level of convenience even more by offering a wireless feature in addition to the other laser printer benefits. Some people might be intimidated by the prospects of a wireless printer, especially if they have ever encountered difficulty setting up a wireless router, but the wireless setup process for the Brother HL2270DW is very simple. Additionally, once you have been able to Brother hl-2270dw Wireless Setup, it is even easier to set the printer up with the rest of the computers in your home or office.

Brother hl-2270dw Wifi Setup

Steps for Brother hl-2270dw Wifi Setup.

  1. To customize wireless settings, the Brother printer should be positioned within the range of the WPS or AOSS access point/router. However, the selection can differ depending on the setting.
  2. Next, one needs to make sure that the wireless card is plugged in, and then the device is turned on when it is ready.
  3. Then, keep the WPS or AOSS button on your WLAN control pointer or router for a few seconds. The time to keep the button down will depend on the entry point of the WLAN.
  4. The wireless connection button must then be placed at the back of the unit and pushed down for less than 2 seconds. To click the button, a pointy object, like a ballpoint pen, should be used.
  5. Note: It is necessary to note that the button can not be pressed for longer than 3 seconds or changed to the Wifi Safe Setup mode PIN process.
  6. If all goes well, the system can look for a WLAN access point/router that supports Wifi Secure Set Up. All this time, the Toner LED and the Drum LED will both blink.
  7. One must wait until the Ready LED on the computer signals that the machine is connected. The Ready Lead will be turned on for 5 minutes signaling that the system has been successfully connected to Wifi.
  8. It is important to note that if the Ready LED is not flashing, then the printer has not connected to the WLAN router. One should look for any error codes flashed by the machine.

Full Steps to Brother hl-2270dw Wireless Setup Mac.

  1. Upload and install your drivers.
  2. Attach the CD that came with the printer and open the “Utilities” menu. Don’t use the ‘Start Here OSX’ button.
  3. Click the ‘Wireless Device Setup Wizard’ button in the utility folder.
  4. Next window, Setting up Wireless, press ‘NO’ and then ‘Next.’
  5. Tab, press ‘checked and validated’ and then ‘Next’ (you don’t need to read the stuff in that box).
  6. In the next window, make sure that ‘Temporarily use USB cable’ is chosen, then press ‘Next.’
  7. Attach a USB cable to the printer from your computer.
  8. In the next window, you will see the setup software searching for wireless signals in your area. Make sure your network is visible, then select it.
  9. In the next window, type the wireless connection password of your router twice as needed.
  10. Unplug the USB cord to your printer.
  11. Tap to the ‘finish’ button.

Connect Brother hl-2270dw Printer to Wifi

Steps to Connect Brother hl-2270dw Printer to Wifi:-

  1. Simply pick your network name and then press OK Then you will see a request to use your WPS access, press 2 on your keyboard, and then the printer will ask you to enter the network key
  2. Then you can type a password and click OK.
  3. Leave the printer for a moment and you’ll find the printer is wired to the wireless network.

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